DC Blowers: Applications and Specifications


The application range of the blower is getting wider and wider, and it is widely used in various fields of the national economy such as the electronics industry, precision parts industry, printing industry, plastic industry, textile industry, food industry and other fields of the national economy and ventilation in various places.

So what are the specifications and applications of the blower? This article will give you the answer.


Application of DC Blower

Many applications require a large number of small and medium-sized fans. The product structure and manufacturing process should be simple, and the cost will be much lower. Now most companies are pursuing the highest efficiency, low noise, long life, and price concessions. Products with high cost performance are relatively Popular a lot.

Fans are mainly used for ventilation in various fields of the national economy and various places such as the electronics industry, precision parts industry, printing industry, plastic industry, textile industry, food industry, etc. In addition to the traditional application fields, there will still be great development prospects in many potential market fields such as comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, technological transformation of new dry clinker, energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources in the metallurgical industry.

What fields are DC fans generally used in?

High frequency AC DC fan

1. Precision device industry: The use of sub-fans can prevent dust from being absorbed by cameras and watches and affect production;

2, the electronics industry: IC, LCD static elimination and prevent it from sticking to dust;

3. Printing industry: the use of centrifugal fans can prevent uneven paper, paste and paper powder adsorption, etc.

4. Plastic industry: The centrifugal fan can prevent electrostatic shock and dust adsorption during plastic molding;

5. Food industry: Centrifugal fans can be used to prevent hair or other foreign objects from being mixed into food and food packaging boxes during the production process.

6. Textile industry: the use of centrifugal fans can eliminate static electricity on the table and prevent the knot of the thread and the winding on the roller


Common DC blower specifications

DC blower models have a wide range of choices:

1. According to the voltage

2.5V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, can be customized.

2. According to the size

30MM, 40MM, 50MM, 60MM, 70MM, 80MM, 90MM, 100MM, 120MM, 150MM, 200MM thickness are also various, basically can meet the needs of customers, but also can be customized according to customer needs.

3. According to the speed

Low speed, ultra-low speed, standard speed, high speed, and ultra-high speed. Of course, the standard for different fan sizes is different. Everyone should know that the smaller the size, the higher the speed. On the contrary, the larger the size, the lower the speed. Of course, this can be based on Customers request to customize, Yirongchuan cooling fan manufacturers support customized services.

4. According to the wind pressure

Low pressure wind pressure, medium pressure wind pressure, high pressure wind pressure, many customers have requirements for wind pressure, they can choose blower, we also call turbocharger fan, DC blower has a particularly good heat dissipation effect, of course, the price is slightly higher, customers You can choose according to your actual situation.

5. According to the wiring method

  • Two-line DC blower (red, black), three or four lines (blue, yellow PWM speed regulation or FG speed measurement).
  • The DC blower has the characteristics of easy installation and large boosted air volume.
  • The DC blower technology is simple and mature, and it is very convenient to update and use. It is the preferred radiator for many industries at present.


The difference between blower and axial flow fan

Now all kinds of equipment are inseparable from cooling fans. Of course, there are many types of cooling fans. DC blowers and axial fans have their own differences and characteristics.

  1. Difficulty of installation is different

    The DC blower is generally installed at the inlet and outlet of the air-conditioning unit, the boiler drum, the induced draft fan, etc. The installation is more complicated; the axial flow fan is often installed at the side of the air duct or at the front of the air duct outlet.

  2. Difference in structure

    1. The DC blower is generally composed of impeller, casing, current collector, motor and transmission parts (such as main shaft, pulley, bearing, V-belt, etc.). The impeller is composed of a wheel disc, a blade, a wheel cover and a shaft disc. The casing is composed of a volute plate, a side plate and a supporting leg. The blower can use forward or backward blades, and the requirements for air volume and pressure are wider. Moreover, the cabinet can be muffled, which has obvious advantages in noise indicators. The motor and the fan are generally connected by a shaft.

    2. Axial flow fan is generally composed of impeller, casing, current collector and motor. The impeller is composed of blades and hub, and the casing is composed of fan duct, frame plate and bracket. The blade diameter of an axial fan is limited to the diameter of the casing, and the motor is generally inside the fan.

  3. Difference in air volume and air pressure

    1. The blower has a high pressure coefficient and a relatively low flow coefficient. According to the pressure level, it is divided into high pressure (15000~3000Pa), medium pressure (3000~1000Pa), and low pressure (<1000Pa).

    2. The axial flow fan has the characteristics of low pressure and large flow, and is divided into high pressure (500 ~ 5000Pa) and low pressure (<500Pa) according to the pressure level. Low pressure is mainly used for ventilation in general places.

  4. Difference in principle

    1. The principle of the blower: the air flow axially flows into the rotating blade channel, and is thrown to the outer edge of the impeller under the action of centrifugal force, and is discharged from the air outlet.

    2. Principle of axial flow fan: the gas enters the rotating blade path axially and is pressurized and then discharged axially from the other side


If you are looking for the right blower manufacturer to buy in bulk or find the right blower for your air circulation system, then please contact us or view our blower products.


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