Applications of Medical Blowers


With the development of the times and science and technology, the range of application of the blower is also expanding, which is far beyond people's imagination. High-quality blower products and related drives are also indispensable in the medical field. Today we will briefly introduce the applications related to medical blowers.



Fans used in the medical field – such as sleep apnea devices – must meet particularly high standards in terms of dynamics, smooth operation, reliability and compactness.

Sudden interruptions of breathing (apnea) that constantly disrupt your sleep during the night can lead to health risks. A blower can bypass or avoid this.

These systems and equipment use ANCFLOW's range of blowers. They must be quiet and ensure a perfectly constant pressure at a therapeutic level determined by a sleep laboratory.

Durable, maintenance-free centrifugal blowers with excellent control characteristics, aerodynamically optimized for use in breathing apparatus, available in a variety of sizes and configurations.


Imaging device

These devices and systems use qualified drives and blowers from ANCFLOW. It is critical that the system be quiet, perform well throughout the diagnostic process, and operate reliably.

At the heart of every CT system is an "electronic brain". ANCFLOW cools high-performance electronics for CT device control, diagnostics and outputs. Our engineers have been involved in the development of these systems from the very beginning and use all the experience they have accumulated to perfectly organize the cooling equipment.


Medical bed

A key component of patient safety and comfort in hospitals are medical mattresses that complement medical/surgical beds. Especially for bedridden patients, these mattresses must be able to allow air flow and prevent pressure sores, skin tears and other health risks associated with prolonged bed rest.


Diagnostic equipment

What do patient wait times and satisfaction have to do with driving technology? Of course, a smooth diagnostic procedure depends heavily on the equipment used.

When it comes to diagnostic applications, those who use the device in a clinical setting are the most important. Physicians want fast and reliable results with as little intervention as possible.

Various new features facilitate and speed up their work. The innovative drive functions work quickly and accurately, thus enabling quick diagnostics. EC drives must be precisely positioned, vibration-free and virtually silent so that the diagnostic performance is of excellent quality.



When a premature baby is placed in the protected and controlled environment of an incubator, high-quality air conditioning is critical to the child's health. This means that technological devices play a vital role in the first few weeks of a premature baby's life.

These devices and systems use a wide range of blowers and drives from ANCFLOW. It is absolutely key that the equipment performs well and consistently, is vibration-free and is fail-safe in all modes of operation.


Rehabilitation equipment

Electronically commutated EC motors open up new mobility options. These powerful drives are found in medical equipment and a wide range of rehabilitation aids, such as wheelchairs, passenger and stair lifts, and health and care beds. They are reliable and require little maintenance.

Their speed can be fine-tuned, there is no vibration and they run virtually silently, which is why this innovative technology is the first choice of many manufacturers. It sets new comfort and safety standards thanks to its constant power density, repeatable movement and user-friendly operation.



If we see technology only as a means to an end, we must make it more accessible. At the same time, work practices must be accelerated and diagnostic cycles shortened. This is especially important for centrifuges.

These devices and systems use a wide range of centrifuge drives from ANCFLOW. Here, precise control characteristics, high performance and virtually silent operation are key requirements.


Anesthesia and Ventilation Systems

There are many experiences we would be glad we didn't have. Surgery under general anesthesia and artificial respiration is definitely one of them. We have a crucial advantage over previous generations because medical technology has advanced at an incredible rate over the past few years. In this way, anesthesia and ventilation systems make a major contribution to making the anesthesia required for surgery safer and gentler. Perfectly tuned drive solutions with brushless DC motors for blower units play a key role in these demanding systems.


Drive and blower solutions for medical technology

Clinics, hospitals, pharmacists and nursing services require adaptable, high-performance equipment to support you optimally in medical environments. If you are looking for a suitable medical blower or related blower products, please contact us for the latest product consultation and communicate with our engineers. Whether the system requires cooling, air conditioning, lifts, pumps or drives, ANCFLOW's ventilation and drive solutions can make diagnosis and treatment easier, more efficient and cost-effective.


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