Brushless DC Motor Material Affects Performance


The brushless DC motor has a fixed permanent magnet ferrite and acts on the air of the motor. During the period of operation, keep the two magnetic fields perpendicular to the torque-to-speed ratio and continuously drive the motor. So why does the material of the brushless DC motor affect its performance?

Everyone knows that there is a DC brushless motor winding electrification induced potential difference and the actual basis of the total flow of electricity is a replacement. It correctly treats the total electrical flow as the position where the electrical conductor of the synchronous motor turns over the carbon brush and the total electrical flow. It is not difficult to compare the rotor of the generator with the total flow of the synchronous motor and the brushless DC motor. The rotor inverter power supply of the electronic component generator replaces the rotor of the generator of the industrial equipment.

The DC brushless motor change is based on the simple permanent magnet material brushless motor AC current. The windings are properly laid out, and the permanent magnet ferrite on the rotation is opposite to the permanent magnet material, because a similar DC adjustable regulated power supply only feeds the magnet coil solid. The bovine permanent magnetic field made of magnetic tiles cannot be tilted on one side.

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