S80 Series Brushless DC Blower




S80 Series Brushless DC Blower- Compact, higher performance


ADT S80 series Brushless DC Blower is a highly compact model, and can be easily integrated into an equipment. It is characterized in particular by integrated the motor driver in, which has a very compact size and easy to integrate on a machine, while delivers a very high air performance.


Technical data – S80 Series Brushless DC Blower


Air Flow Rate

Static Pressure

Power Consumption


up to 60.0 m³/h

up to 17.0kPa



Features of Brushless DC Blower

  • Compact Size and Driver Integrated

  • max. Static Pressure: 17.0kPa(sealed pressure)

  • max. air flow: 1,000LPM (60.0 m³/h)

  • Speed Regulating by 0-5V voltage or PWM Signal

  • Speed Feedback: one pulse per rotation

  • Providing multiple protection functions: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, locked-rotor protection

  • Providing fault feedback indication

  • Certifications: CE, RoHS


Advantages of Brushless DC Blower

  • Strong power

  • Compact design

  • Long life and maintenance free

  • Low noise

  • High efficiency, lower energy consumption


Application Scenarios

  • Medical & Big Health

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell

  • Industrial Automation


Current catalog for Blowers

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Products List - S80

No. Product
Volt. max. Static
max. Flow Rate max.
    V kPa LPM m³/h W rpm Y/N
1 S8001- 24V-1 24 17.0 1000 60 240 54,500 N
2 S8005- 24V-1 24 14.5 950 57 195 50,500 N

Product Portfolio Matrix

1 Functions Same
2 Performance Same
3 Lifetime ≥20,000
4 Voltage Range 9-60 VDC
5 Current Same
6 Ambient Temperature -20~+50℃ -40~+50℃ -20~+50℃ -40~+50℃
7 Ambient Humidity ≤80%IP67 ≤80% IP67
8 Acid/Alkali-resisting No Yes No Yes
9 Corrosion Preventive No Yes No Yes
10 Size 85.3*82.2*60.9 85.3*82.2*60.9 85.3*82.2*60.9 85.3*82.2*60.9
11 Mass 300 340 450 490
12 Housing Material PC PC Aluminum Aluminum
13 Impeller Material PA66 PA66 PA66 PA66

Purchase FAQ

1.Are you a factory or only a trading company?

We have a factory to produce brushless DC blowers, fans, motors and motor drivers.

2.Why to choose us?
  1. Professional- we always offer system solutions based on your specific application scenarions.

  2. Reliable- we have a robust manufacturing and quality assurance system in place, can offer customers with high quality products with competitive price..

3.How abut the shipping cost?

Out price is an ex-work price. We can quote the price based on FOB, CIF&CNF as you like, then you can choose whether to use our forwarder or yours.

4. How about the price? Can you make it cheaper?

The price depends on product model types and its order size. The final quotation will be based on your full description of SOR or SPEC.

5.How about the lead time? What is the payment?

According to customer's specific requirements, if to choose a base model, then it will take 5-10 days after e-proof confirmed and your payment is received.

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