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Global Leading Company in Fluid Technology
NINGBO ANCHOR DRIVE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.("ADT") is a leading company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of electric fluid products, we are committed to providing customers with high quality and cost-effective fluid system solutions.
We have established 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries in Nanjing, China. NANJING ANCHOR FLUID TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.("AFT") is focusing on high-performance brushless DC blowers and NANJING ANCHOR HYDROGEN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. ("AHT" ) is focusing on oil-free air compressors.
Our products have already passed SGS CE , RoHS and REACH certificates, as well as passed the ISO10993 test (medical certification). Our products have a good consistency and with an outstanding quality, which have already been used on customers' machines all over the world.


Promote fluid technology and industry progress.


Become a recognized global leader in fluid technology field. 



Creates unique values to the world, become a platform to help employees, customers, shareholders and business partners to realize their dreams.


Become the most valuable link of industrial value stream through technical innovation, management innovation and business model innovation.


Focus on core business, always concentrate all the resources on the strategic decisive point.


Focus on present but always keep one eye for the future, never stop for the past accomplishments, makes a little progress every day and become a recognized global leader in fluid technology field.


ADT's corporate growth plan is founded on five strategies: Innovation, Operational Excellence, Global & Market Expansion, New Products Development and Digitizing. Our goal is to become the world top 3 players in our segment industry. We are a reliable partner to provide high end and high cost-effective products and solutions to our customers, to make our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and other partners be more successful.
ADT is always focusing on technology, product and market, technical innovation and excellent organization culture are the 2 key drivers for our company to run the business.


Innovation is the gene of ADT. We have a very strong talent team and expertise. Thru technical innovation, management innovation and innovation on business models, we can provide high-end and high cost-effective products and services to our customers all over the world, to meet their requirements and make them be more successful.


With an emphasis on operating efficiency, asset management and customer satisfaction, Operational Excellence serves as ADT’s cornerstone strategy. It is essential to ADT’s cost-driven businesses, adds significant value to its differentiated businesses, and is instrumental in improving the performance of our businesses.


This strategy is an important contributor to ADT’s continued growth. We take ourselves as a global player from the very beginning when we start our business. ADT plans to further expand our R&D, manufacturing and sales branches in key areas of the world, to use acquisitions and new products to pursue growth opportunities outside of China, and to strengthen its sales, marketing and distribution capabilities worldwide.


Technology innovation is our key factor of success. We consistently invest in research, development and engineering to design next-generation products and solutions that are solving our customers’ most complex challenges across the globe.


The future society is a physical world and virtual world deeply fusioned world(i.e., a2b) . The company will actively embrace digital technology, finally realizes the whole value stream digitalized, namely, through the digital factory, process and business, realize the online optimization, integration and iteration.


We are serving over 500 customers all over the world and provides them with customized system solutions.


We are creating  the history.

2021 - Nanjing Plant Launched

2020 - First Compact Hi-Speed Blowers

2019 - Founding ADT

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Floor 1&2, Building 5, No.1 Zidan Road, Nanjing , Jiangsu, China 210002
You can trust us
We are a professional Manufacturer in China, and we are constantly innovating so that our customers can have better products and services.
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