8Tips to Choose Right DC Brushless Blower


Brushless DC blowers are one of the most popular types of industrial blowers today. These industrial fans are typically used in industrial systems where uniform airflow is required. These industrial fans are used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, process engineering units, drying technology, etc. Therefore, if you are choosing the right blower for your industrial application, it is important to understand how it really works and its advantages.

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What is a brushless DC blower?

The DC brushless blower is a new type of motor, which drives the brushless blower to rotate through a DC power source, thereby generating air flow. Compared with traditional AC blowers, DC brushless blowers have the advantages of higher efficiency, low noise, and flexible speed regulation. It is widely used in household appliances, automobiles, electronic products and other fields, and can meet different needs. DC brushless blower is an advanced technology that provides more convenience for human's daily life.


What is the working principle of DC brushless blower?

The working principle of a DC brushless blower is based on the use of a DC electric motor to drive a blower wheel, which generates an air flow. Unlike traditional AC blower motors, which use brushes to transfer electrical current to the rotor, a DC brushless blower motor uses electronic commutation to control the flow of current to the rotor. This eliminates the need for brushes, which can wear out over time and cause the motor to fail.

In a DC brushless blower, the rotor is made up of a series of permanent magnets, while the stator contains a set of electromagnets. The rotor and stator are arranged in such a way that the magnetic fields produced by the stator electromagnets interact with the magnetic field of the rotor magnets to produce a torque that causes the rotor to rotate.

The electronic commutation system, which is typically composed of a microprocessor and a set of sensors, monitors the position of the rotor and controls the flow of current to the stator electromagnets. By carefully controlling the flow of current to the electromagnets, the electronic commutation system is able to produce a rotating magnetic field that drives the rotor, allowing the blower to operate smoothly and efficiently.


How do I choose a brushless DC blower for my application?

When selecting a brushless DC blower for your application, you should consider several key factors. By carefully evaluating your specific needs and requirements, you can select a blower that will provide the performance and reliability you need.

  1. Air Flow and Pressure

    One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a brushless DC blower is the air flow and pressure it can produce. Different applications have different airflow and pressure requirements, so it is important to choose a blower that meets your specific needs. In general, blowers are rated for their maximum flow (measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM) and maximum pressure (measured in inches of water, or inH2O).

  2. Size and Weight

    Another important factor to consider is the size and weight of the blower. If you need a small, lightweight blower that can be easily integrated into your system, you may wish to opt for a smaller and lighter model. On the other hand, if you have more space and can accommodate a larger blower, you can get more performance by choosing a larger model.

  3. Operating voltage and current

    The operating voltage and current of the BLDC blower are also important factors to consider. Most brushless DC blowers are designed to operate within a specific voltage and current range, so it is important to choose a blower that is compatible with your power supply. If you are using a DC power supply, you will need to choose a blower with matching voltage and current ranges. If you're using AC power, you'll want to choose a blower with a built-in AC-DC converter.

  4. Control and Speed Regulation

    Many BLDC blowers have a speed regulation function that allows you to adjust the blower speed to meet your specific needs. If you need to be able to control and adjust blower speed, you should look for a blower with built-in speed control. Some blowers have manual speed controls, while others can be electronically controlled using a microprocessor or other control system.

  5. Noise Level

    Another important factor to consider is the noise level of the blower. If you're using blowers in a residential or commercial setting, you'll want to choose a model that runs quietly to avoid disturbing occupants. Most BLDC blowers have low noise levels, but it's still important to check the specs to make sure the blower meets your noise level requirements.

  6. Reliability and longevity

    The reliability and longevity of brushless DC blowers are also important factors to consider. Because brushless DC blowers don't have brushes that could wear out and cause the motor to fail, they tend to be more reliable and last longer than traditional AC blower motors. However, it is still important to choose a blower from a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality and reliable products.

  7. Environmental conditions

    If you will be using your blower in harsh or extreme environments, you will need to choose a model that can withstand those conditions. For example, if you will be using the blower in a high temperature environment, you should choose a blower rated for high temperature operation. If you will be using the blower in a humid or dusty environment, you should choose a blower with a waterproof and dustproof design.

  8. Service and Support

    Finally, you should consider the service and support provided by the blower manufacturer. If you have any questions or concerns about the blower, or if you need a customized brushless DC blower, please contact anchor-drive, we are a leading brushless DC blower manufacturer and supplier in China.

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