Automotive Engineering

ADT's Automotive Innovative Drive and Ventilation Solutions

For the automotive industry, our innovations have been helping transport fluids and gases within vehicles and converting electrical signals into motion.

We work with clients

Develop trend-setting solutions that suit their requirements and best suit actual operating conditions. This is how we can really do our part to make sure travel becomes greener, more efficient and more comfortable.

What matters is what's inside:

ADT has made significant advances in aerodynamics, drive technology and electronics for passenger and commercial vehicles.
With the ADT product range of fans, electric blowers, electric oil pumps and electric actuators, we are laying the foundation for extremely economical production.
With them, we can ensure that synergies are fully exploited, thereby minimizing the time it takes us to develop each bespoke innovation, while reducing your costs.

ADT's cooling solutions are suitable for all systems related to electric vehicle charging.

When electricity is processed, stored, and used, it generates heat that must be dissipated. ADT's range of fans provides a compact solution for this, with full power density - and ensures robust protection against environmental impacts and unmatched quietness.

Charging station

The heat generated by charging affects the charging station. Reliable cooling of charging cables and power electronics is necessary so that performance and service life are not negatively affected.
With around 20,000 different products, ADT has the right solution for every possible electric vehicle application. Durable motor ensures excellent efficiency. This positively contributes to saving resources.

Battery storage

Battery storage systems require an optimal temperature range for them to function effectively. This requires an intelligent thermal management system.
Our control systems enable demand-based cooling. This means that the fans are controlled in such a way that they only provide as much cooling capacity as the situation requires at any given time.

Variable frequency drive

Variable frequency drives must be protected from overheating by a cooling system. Heat is passed through a water/air heat exchanger or direct cooling.
Our fans and compact fan solutions provide maximum operational reliability even under harsh environmental conditions. They can withstand constant temperature changes, sunlight and other weather conditions with no problem, making them ideal for outdoor applications.


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